How to Configure Mac Remote Desktop to Windows (Step-By-Step Guide)

Are you searching for a comprehensive tutorial explaining the use of the RDP client for macOS and its significance? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to access Microsoft Remote Desktop on your Mac. Also, you can get all the relevant information about the RDP for Mac here. 

So, let’s discover how to establish a Mac remote desktop to Windows setup right here.

How to Access RDP on Mac? 

Unlike the Windows operating system, the Mac system does not come with a built-in application for setting up macOS RDP client connections. However, you can easily download the remote desktop client Macintosh application to connect with the RDP server. The most widely used RDP client for Mac is the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, considered the top choice for connecting a Mac remote desktop to Windows systems. To connect and access RDP on Mac, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Mac Remote Desktop Client (Microsoft Remote Desktop App) 

To download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app, locate the App Store icon on your Mac's Dock and click on it. 

how to configure mac remote desktop to windows (step-by-step guide)

Inside the App Store, search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop” in the search bar. 

how to configure mac remote desktop to windows (step-by-step guide)

Now, click on Get to start installing this official application developed by Microsoft Corporation. This RDP client for Mac is one of the top choices for macOS users seeking efficient and reliable remote desktop access to Windows-based systems.

Step 2: Launch Microsoft Desktop App

After the installation process is finished, access the Launchpad icon located in your Dock. From there, simply click on the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to open it on your MacOS system.

Step 3: Adding a PC

Now, it's time to incorporate a new remote desktop connection. Locate the plus (+) icon at the top and choose "Desktop" from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Enter RDP IP and Credentials

In the "PC name" field, input the IP address of the RDP server. Below it, opt for "Add User Account." 

how to configure mac remote desktop to windows (step-by-step guide)

This step, while optional, is highly recommended for convenience, as it eliminates the need to manually enter the username and password each time you utilize this connection. If you choose not to add a user account, proceed to skip the subsequent step.

how to configure mac remote desktop to windows (step-by-step guide)

Feel free to adjust other settings according to your preferences. Once you're ready, clicking "Add" again will finalize the RDP connection, and it will promptly show up in the Desktops list on the main interface.

Step 5: Establish a Connection With the Remote PC

Locate your recently added connection on the main page. If you didn't follow step 4, you'll need to enter a username and password. Otherwise, you might encounter a certificate warning. Click "Continue" to proceed and start controlling a Windows device from your Mac.


In this tutorial, we demonstrated how to access and use the RDP client on Mac. We hope that now you have a comprehensive understanding of the Mac remote desktop client and remote dedicated server, including how to access the RDP files on macOS. Before proceeding with the setup, it's important to enable RDP on your Windows system. Additionally, familiarize yourself with essential tips for setting up and establishing a secure RDP connection.