Why you should create a Dedicated Email Server?

Everyone big company out there knows that relying on the 3rd party email vendors is something that is unacceptable in terms of security. Still a lot of them are using those vendors or even if they are using their own solution they host it on shared hosting or other types of shared services out there. It is highly not advisable to do that since highly sensitive data can become in the possession of hackers or other pesky individuals, which can eventually lead to court and significant fines. Dedicated server for mail hosting is the first step in keeping your email correspondence safe. 

What is a Dedicated Email Server?

In simple words, a Dedicated Email Server is an independent unit in the data center that is designed to host your email correspondence. It does not share its resources with anybody and is fully secured from any physical intrusion. 

Advantages of using Dedicated Email Server Hosting

Actually, there are a lot of advantages to hosting your mail servers on dedicated hardware. First of all, you are 100% sure that your resources such as storage, RAM, or CPU cores will stay dedicated to you, meaning that they will not be shared between any neighbors as it may be with shared hosting or sometimes with VPS with a certain type of virtualization. This allows you to use your hardware resources to their fullest potential. 

Speaking of limitations that you might encounter while using shared hosting is for example file attachment size. Usually, it is quite limited, but on a dedicated server, you can set the threshold however high you want. It can be file size or amount of messages you can send per time incremental, etc.

We can say confidently that having your own dedicated server for email correspondence is beneficial to keep your communications in a secure way especially if they deal with sensitive data in healthcare or fintech business, where each personal detail should be kept in secret. 

How to configure and set up a Dedicated Email Server

First of all, it might seem quite challenging to configure the server yourself but worry not as it is actually not so complicated. The usual process of configuring the mail server look like this:

1st Step

Authenticate DNS records such as SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance)

Without those records, your mail server would not be able to receive or send messages or process attachments. That’s how the internet works.

2nd Step

Change the default hostname to your hostname which is under IP which was provided to you by the BlueServer team. Why you should do that? It prevents your emails from being marked as spam. It doesn’t mean that if you start sending thousands of emails you will omit the spam folder, on the contrary, that’s where you will end, but for a typical work correspondence, it should be enough. Oh, and make sure that your hostname doesn’t sound gibberish because that’s what your recipients will see when opening an email from you. 


By ordering a dedicated server for email hosting you make a wise choice and investment in the security of your company, because your company will be protected from major types of intrusion by hackers. If you are looking for great servers at affordable prices come visit BlueServers. We have a variety of servers of different configurations to choose from and will be happy to consult if you have any questions. We are available 24/7 via LiveChat. Until next time!