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Don’t fall for the offers out there telling you that you have a 10Gbit port and 16GB of RAM. It would be not enough to process even a half of it. We on the other hand can offer a sophisticated solution for your business that can drive your business through the roof! Top notch AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon last-gen processors to cope with the tasks you put on it. Customizable servers at every step!


What Businesses Benefit Most From 10Gbps Speeds?

Should you start from a 1Gbit server, eventually you’ll need to switch to something more capable to process more requests. The server use cases typically apply to all high-load projects. Let’s run a breakdown of the typical use cases.

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data, one of the fastest-growing areas in digital technology, allows organizations and researchers to improve products and services based on actual patterns of user behavior. Big Data consists of different tools, approaches and methods of processing both structured and unstructured data in order to use them for specific tasks and purposes. For ease of understanding, imagine a supermarket in which all items are not in the order you are used to. Bread next to fruit, tomato paste next to frozen pizza, lighter fluid next to a tampon rack with avocado, tofu, or shiitake mushrooms, among others. Big data puts everything in its place and helps you find almond milk, find out the price and expiration date, and - who buys such milk beside you and how it is better than cow's milk. 

10Gbit dedicated servers are a perfect match for it since we are talking about petabytes of data to be processed. 

Storage Servers

Storage servers are a set of hardware and software structures needed to contain information, which is usually supplied in a significant volume. The objects placed inside such a configuration can have a wide variety of formats: from classic media files to voluminous databases. All sorts of hybrid solutions consisting of SSDs and HDDs are used as the main storage media. The main differences between a storage system and an ordinary computer memory are the impressive architecture, the ability to combine containers for transport in a network, the presence of debugging management software, as well as copying, archiving, and virtualization techniques.

Usually, it works hand in hand with Big Data, because you need to store the information before you can process it, right? So the perfect option would be to pair a 10 Gbit dedicated storage server with a Big Data server in a LAN to achieve the desired result.

IPTV and Media Streaming

Another prominent example is IPTV and streaming. Streaming is a process of continuously receiving media content by the user from a streaming provider. If a video file with resolution 320x240 is stored on a server with on-demand mode will be viewed by 1000 people simultaneously via Unicast (1 client - 1 connection), then the server must have the following bandwidth:

300 kbit/s * 1,000 = 300 Mbit/s 

This is the equivalent of about 125 GB of information per hour. Quite a lot, huh? Well, that goes for Unicast, though. If we use Multicast it would be only 300 kbit/s. 

But we are sure that you understand why 10Gbit is a must-have for any media streaming business?

Game Server Hosting

By installing the necessary server software on your computer, setting it up, and connecting to the Internet, you get a game server. Users wishing to play on your server must also install the appropriate software - a client. Customers knowing the IP address of your server will be able to connect to it and enter the game. That’s simple as it is! Gaming servers do not require any GUI and can be run straight from the console. 

If your old server is already at its limit on bandwidth, then it’s time to switch to something bigger, like a 10Gbit dedicated server. 


If your project is not built using ASP.NET then your choice is definitely UNIX type distributions like CentOS, RHEL, Ubuntu, and others. We offer it all. Not to mention is the ability to customize hardware components to your taste. Are you dealing with Big Data and Analytics? IPTV or Media Streaming? MMORPG Game Server Hosting? Social Network that’s ready to blow from the number of customers? Then look no further as an unmetered 10Gbps dedicated server is what you need. Ask our Sales team what server would be great for your project and we’ll gladly help.

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24/7 Support
24/7 Support
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Windows Remote Desktop
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