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Get your streaming infrastructure booming under BlueServer guidance. Custom approach to each customer is guranteed. We use only enterprise grade software from such renowned vendors like SuperMicro, Dell, and HP. Our trusted network providers like Cogent and Lumen ensure that your customers receive instant lag-free content with minimum delay.


What is a media streaming server?

A streaming server is an audio and video server that allows broadcasting over the Internet in real-time, where many users can connect live to watch it.

Streaming is also used so that a user can watch a video from a web page without having to download it, not having to be a live broadcast in that case.

Apart from video streaming, there is also live audio streaming, which has lower technical requirements than video streaming. Despite these lower requirements, the audio quality must be very high to reach and retain a large audience.

What it is used for

Streaming has become a common way of communication for both companies and individuals. It is becoming common for many companies to organize streaming events for the presentation of new products or services. These types of events generate great expectations on the network and manage to bring together a large number of people getting a great visualization. When the streaming ends, the same video will still be available on the network, so that any user who could not attend can watch it or any user who wants to view it again will have it available.

The use of a streaming video server is present today in many sectors and is used by radios and TV channels, event organizers, influencers, video bloggers, content creators, and is even used for training and video surveillance.

What is needed for a streaming server and how does it work?

A number of devices and tools are required for a streaming broadcast:


In order to stream audio and video with a high level of quality, it is necessary to have a computer with a high processing capacity and RAM memory. Usually, it is a regular server but with enlarged storage capacity and hardware capabilities to process a big amount of traffic.

Internet connection

Internet connection is essential for streaming audio and video content. Without a low latency and high bandwidth connection to the network, streaming will not be possible under optimal conditions. BlueServers on the other side offers up to 10Gbit speed for the streaming server. If you require more than 10Gbit make sure to speak with our team. 

Software tools

Usually, it depends on the client. Some of them use something like a Plex server. Others use something self-developed. There are many alternatives on the market for streaming, many of them free and of high quality that are very popular among users.

Streaming is revolutionizing the way in which companies and individuals communicate. With live broadcasts, it is possible to reach the audience directly in order to transmit the desired message in a much more direct and closer way. 

Streaming servers are capable of supporting a large number of users connected simultaneously, making it a very interesting channel for companies to hold events and presentations to their customers and potential customers.

What to consider when buying a dedicated streaming server?

Just as any dedicated server out there streaming server is running server-side software to coordinate users and their content. In other words, make content load fast on user request and with a minimum delay. If you are building a small plex server it is one thing, but if you are planning to open an IPTV business across several countries, it means that one dedicated live streaming server would not be enough. You’ll definitely need at least one server per location plus the server that will cache the stream for viewers so that they will see with minimal latency. There are a variety of use cases on how you can build your infrastructure here. Audio is one thing and video is another. Get in touch with the BlueServers team to know what kind of infrastructure is the right fit for you.

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Multiple locations
Multiple locations
Each of our 6 locations allows you to become close to your target audience in Europe, America, or Asia.
Our servers can be scalable on demand. RAM, Storage, or port speed, everything can be changed according to your requirements.
Looking glass
Looking glass
Not sure that our servers have good latency to your point of interest? Use our Looking glass to find out.


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