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We construct our custom servers in such a way that you always receive a high IOPS rate, thanks to enterprise-grade hardware from Intel, Samsung, and Toshiba. High capacity and limited access for 3rd parties. Only on BlueServers get your custom storage server today.


What are storage servers?

Storage servers typically don’t have too much RAM onboard or a lot of CPU cores. Instead, it has tons of storage to utilize, because the main purpose of such servers is to, well, store data, meaning it can store hundred and thousands of terabytes of data.

The IDC Perspectives study found that storage is the second-largest IT expenditure, accounting for approximately 23% of all expenditures. According to The InfoPro, Wave 11, "storage spending growth in the average Fortune 1000 company exceeds 50% per year.

The general consensus of analysts is that organizations around the world are growing by the minute in the amount of information stored and processed. Unique information is becoming more expensive, the amount of information multiplied every year, and storage is costly. Therefore, organizations seek not only to shape the development of storage infrastructure, but also to find ways to improve and increase the cost-effectiveness of storage: reducing power consumption, service costs, the total cost of ownership, and the purchase of backup and storage systems.

The growth of data volumes increased requirements for reliability, and speed of access to data makes it necessary to allocate storage facilities into a separate subsystem of the computing complex (CC). The ability to access and manage data is a prerequisite for business processes. The irretrievable loss of data puts the business at serious risk. Lost computing resources can be recovered, but lost data, in the absence of a well-designed and implemented redundancy system, can no longer be recovered.

There is a growing need not only for enterprise customers to buy storage, but also to rigorously account for, audit, and monitor the use of expensive resources. There is nothing worse than stopping business processes due to the inability to obtain the necessary data in a timely manner (or complete loss of data), and this can lead to irreversible consequences.

Why is a dedicated storage server necessary?

A dedicated storage server is what you might look when:

  1. You don’t want to trust your sensitive data to 3rd parties.
  2. NAS is a good idea but again you need the info to be stored not at home or at work but somewhere private like a data center.
  3. You work with Big Data and need a lot of info to store and process it quickly.

Let’s dive into a quick tour of the popular use cases:

Audio/Video Production

When we watch a Holywood movie usually it is not so big in size. Even if we talk about BluRay releases usually it doesn’t exceed more than 100 GB, but if we look in the industry from behind the veil we can see that usually, movie studios shoot terabytes of takes during filming. One small scene of people talking with each other for 5 minutes and 40 takes can easily take up to 800 GB if we talk about uncompressed video and audio. How much it would be if there are 95 minutes of the movie and over 5000 takes? Quite a lot you might guess, and you’re absolutely right. What about archives then? Usually, all those takes stay somewhere in archives for the sake of preserving the data. A dedicated storage server is a must-have in such scenarios. 

Game development

Before the game releases and becomes playable it comes a long way in development. The typical game development time scenario is around 2-3 years. Let’s imagine that we are developing a game which setting is set in 1900 German city? You need to send your developers, art directors to Germany so they can find an inspiration photographing everything, from big houses to floor tiles in 8K definition. Why 4K or 8K? Because the more resolution it has the more convenient it would be working with textures optimizing it for the game itself. It is always easier downscale than upscale pictures, right? All those textures, audio files of uncompressed quality. It eats quite a lot of storage. Another prime example is dialogue for AAA games in the industry. Just imagine how many audio files you’ll have by voicing 1500000 lines of text. That’s terabytes of data right here. So dedicated storage servers are something you might consider should you start developing a game. 


There are tons of use cases where you might need storage. Give us a shout-out of your typical case scenario of usage and believe us, we will deliver the best result on the market. BlueServers is your trusted partner.

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24/7 Support
24/7 Support
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Linux and Windows OS
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