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Managed Dedicated Servers VPS Server Features

Unlimited software
Unlimited software
You are free to install almost any software you wish, but make sure to comply with our Terms of Use.
Pay conveniently
Pay conveniently
We are using different payment gateways including Paypal, Webmoney, Alipay, Stripe or Bank Transfer, and crypto of course!
1 or 10 Gbit Ports
1 or 10 Gbit Ports
Our servers are connected to 1 or 10 Gbit ports by default to ensure that your server can cope with any tasks you throw at them.

Custom Managed Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for a specific server configuration be sure to contact us to share your requirements. Not only can we build the server you want, with specific RAIDs you want, but also we offer managed services if you don’t have an administrator available within your team. 

What are fully managed dedicated servers?

Managed server is a server that is under constant surveillance of the technicians of the hosting provider. Sounds confusing? Let’s elaborate on that. BlueServers will take the job of administrator of your server and will be keeping his eye on OS installation and various configurations you need to do with it. If the server requires certain maintenance we’ll help with it at the most convenient time for you. Yes even, at night. Stuff like maintenance is usually required when the hardware is close to the failure state, that’s why we do constant hardware monitoring to see if the storage can still offer the same productivity as it was able a year ago. We make sure that your uptime stays as high as possible and you get a priority in our ticket system. 

Basically, we make sure that your server will stay with up-to-date updates not only from the operating system perspective but from a security one as well. Usually, all the stuff you do to your website is your responsibility. Our task is to keep the server running, so we will not code your website for you. This is because there are a lot of parameters and various configs that only you know what to tweak in order for the website to look and run as you like. But as we mentioned before we would be glad to help with documentation if needed.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged servers?

With all being said the difference between managed and unmanaged is that everything that we have mentioned above does not apply to the unmanaged version of the server. You simply receive a server and are free to use it however you want. If it goes down because you overload it, thanks to the code loop for example you need to restart it by yourself. If something happens to the hardware you need to inform us about it and monitor it by yourself. Not that hardware will fail immediately after you rent it, it’s just because it is hardware and it tends to break from time to time. We always make sure that our equipment is fault tolerant though. 

Why you should rent a managed dedicated server from BlueServers

Renting a server from BlueServers comes with a lot of benefits including 1 Gbit and 10 Gbit ports and free IPv6. If you require additional IP’s you can order them straight from the cart before the checkout. We build our servers only from the server-grade parts from such vendors as SuperMicro, Dell, and HP and no desktop solutions. In this way, we can guarantee high fault tolerance of our servers. 

And with fully managed dedicated servers, you receive 24/7 fully managed support. Make sure to contact our team to see if you need a server in Estonia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, or Sweden. We are always happy to help!