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Dedicated Server hosting in Dubai

BlueServers is offering powerful servers at low prices in Dubai, UAE. Dubai is well known as an economic center of the Middle East and a lot of companies seek the possibility to host their projects or open a business there. 

When do you need a Dedicated Server in Dubai?

Whenever you feel that good old VPS cannot handle the awesomeness of your website because the customers just ripping apart your website, and by ripping we mean that your current machine stops lagging or simply goes down, then it’s time to switch to a dedicated server.

Dedicated Server is basically the same VPS you are currently using except when you are using a dissected dedicated server called VPS you are only using a part of it. In the case of a dedicated server, you are using the whole resource. Usually, you are sharing the bandwidth channel with other neighbors, not on purpose, because your VPS node is connected to a certain port. It is just not possible to give you a real physical port dedicated port, only a chopped one from the bigger one. With a dedicated server, you receive everything physical, from RAM, CPU, or Storage to a port which can be expandable if you wish to do so. By the way, we equip our servers with 1 Gbps by default or 10 Gbps ports on request. 

UAE is quite a popular location for those who live in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. One of the main reasons why foreign companies host there are thanks to the government laws against identity theft and privacy protection. Usually, a lot of countries can just issue a warrant and just take back the servers they want. UAE on the other side has very strict laws which they take very seriously. They have a specific law called Emeri Decree #2, which has set strict punishments for those who breach the cyber law. 

Earlier in 2012, they enacted the Cybercrime law. Basically, a regulatory system to fight against cyber criminals. This includes identity theft, fraud, phishing, and many other illegal activities. 

Why you should rent a dedicated server in Dubai from BlueServers

Renting servers from us is quite beneficial. We use only enterprise-grade hardware and do not rely on desktop solutions. Every server request can be highly customized according to your requirements, including but not limited to:

  1. Server Architecture
  2. Platform
  3. CPU or Dual CPU
  4. RAM amount
  5. Storage type
  6. RAID arrays

Our servers are equipped with 1 or 10 Gbps ports to ensure that even the most demanding projects stay online. A lot of room for growth, do you agree?

If you wish to build geo-diversified products we are offering different servers in other locations such as Estonia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Sweden.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask our team in LiveChat. We work 24/7/365 and are happy to answer any questions. For extensive rental we also offer discounts.

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Dedicated Server Dubai Features

SSD storage
SSD storage
Get your server with SSD equipped and be sure that your task will be done as fast as possible.
RDP access
RDP access
Set up your own Windows dedicated server and use it as a virtual office.
1 or 10 Gbit Ports
1 or 10 Gbit Ports
Our servers are connected to 1 or 10 Gbit ports by default to ensure that your server can cope with any tasks you throw at them.


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