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Premium Dedicated Server Hosting with InterKassa

Need dependable server hosting for your projects and sites that won’t let you down? Are you thinking of using InterKassa for hosting payments? We’ve got great news for you! BlueServers is here to help you out. Yes, we offer premium hosting and accept InterKassa payments.

The good thing is that our servers are powerful and reliable. You can say goodbye to slow sites, unpleasant glitches, and annoying downtimes. Paying with InterKassa is super easy and secure. You are just a few clicks away from setting up reliable hosting.

With so many data center locations, you can opt for a country that is the best for your project - Cyprus, Poland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Estonia, and Hong Kong. You name it. A good location for your server means better speed and no legal issues.

If you want to enjoy premium servers, InterKassa payments, and dozens of great locations, BlueServers is just for you! 

Top Benefits of Using InterKassa for Hosting Payment

Is considering InterKassa for your hosting payments the right move? Totally! That’s a good idea. Here’s why website owners love it.

  • First, InterKassa is user-friendly. Making a payment is just a few clicks. It’s quick and doesn’t complicate things.
  • InterKassa is also safe. It uses good tech to keep your money secure. There is no need to stress about online risks. Your InterKassa payment transactions are in good hands.
  • It's versatile, too. InterKassa lets you use various payment methods, offering more choices for you. Pick what suits you best.
  • Global reach is another plus. InterKassa works in many countries. Great for those dealing with international projects. It connects you across borders.
  • Tracking your payments? Easy with InterKassa. You get clear records. This is helpful for budgeting and understanding your spending.
  • InterKassa also processes payments fast, so your hosting services start sooner. No delays.
  • Lastly, InterKassa is widely accepted. Many hosting services, like BlueServers, take it. This gives you flexibility.

We are 100% committed to delivering you matchless dedicated server options, and accepting InterKassa comes with it.

Why Should I Choose InterKassa Dedicated Server from BlueServers?

We go above and beyond to make sure you always get the max out of your InterKassa dedicated server. What are the benefits of our servers at BlueServers?

  • Our servers come with flawless DDoS protection. This keeps your website secure from any kind of online threats and unexpected attacks. Enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted online presence for all your sites and projects.
  • We offer a great choice of high bandwidths - 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps. What does this mean? Your website handles more visitors without slowing down. It's efficient and reliable. Amazing, right? 
  • Our servers are located in key areas and countries. Choose between top places like Cyprus, Poland, Sweden, and Hong Kong.
  • We cater to different server needs. We have the right setup for gaming, streaming, or data work.
  • Pricing is pocket-friendly at BlueServers. We provide options that suit different budgets. Affordable or more comprehensive, we have a plan for you.

Buy dedicated server with InterKassa from us now!

InterKassa Dedicated Server Features

RDP access
RDP access
Set up your own Windows dedicated server and use it as a virtual office.
Storage options
Storage options
We offer servers with different storage options such as HDD, SSD, or NVMe, including various RAID arrays on demand.
EPYC ready
EPYC ready
Our servers are powered by Zen3 EPYC CPUs with exceptional single-core performance.


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