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Top Dedicated Server Hosting with PayPal

Need a reliable server to host your site and love using PayPal? BlueServers is the way to go. Our hosting solutions are top-notch and PayPal-friendly. It means we eagerly accept PayPal. 

Using PayPal to host payments is super easy and 100% secure. Just a few clicks, and you're set. Plus, we allow you to choose among many data center locations like Sweden, Cyprus, Estonia, Hong Kong, Poland, the Netherlands, etc. We’ve got quality servers in any part of the world. This means better website speed in any country of your choice and compliance with local laws.

BlueServers makes it simple - great servers, PayPal payments, and lots of locations. Choose us for hassle-free hosting with PayPal, and you won’t be sorry!

You’ll Love These Top Benefits of Using PayPal for Hosting Payment 

BlueServers is proud to offer you PayPal-friendly dedicated servers of premium quality. We are here to help you make hosting payments easy, fast, and effortless. Look at these perks below. You’ll love them! 

  • First, PayPal is super user-friendly. It means you’ll be able to make a payment in just a few clicks. Easy breezy! It's quick and straightforward - no complicated steps.
  • Security is a big deal with PayPal. It keeps your payment info 100% safe. Forget about the stress associated with online payment insecurities and threats. PayPal protects all your transactions.
  • PayPal is also all about convenience. It works almost everywhere in the world. This is perfect for those who are always on the move or work internationally. 
  • Tracking your spending is also extremely easy with PayPal. It shows you exactly where your money goes. This is great for those who are serious about budgeting and financial planning.
  • Another benefit? PayPal is super fast. You are good to go in a few minutes. All your hosting payments are sure to go through quickly. This means no delays in getting your hosting services up and running. 

Why Choose PayPal Dedicated Server from BlueServers? 

Should you rent a PayPal dedicated server from us? Thousands of our happy clients know BlueServers is worth it. Why?

  • Our servers come with strong DDoS protection. This means your site stays safe and always online. There are no worries about attacks or downtime.
  • We also offer high bandwidth. Choose between 1Gbps and 10Gbps. Faster data transfer is key for busy websites. It keeps your site speedy and reliable.
  • We have servers in many places: Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Estonia, and others. Picking the right location improves speed and meets legal needs.
  • Our servers fit different needs. Gaming, streaming, data storage, analysis, rendering - we've got them all. Each one is built for its specific purpose. This means top performance for you.
  • Our pricing is flexible, too. Plans range from $59/mo to $550/mo. We have something for every budget, whether you're starting up or established.

Buy dedicated server with PayPal from us now!

Paypal Dedicated Server Features

Windows Remote Desktop
Windows Remote Desktop
It’s the 21st century and a virtual office is a must-have for any online business. Boost your business productivity with Windows.
Linux and Windows OS
Linux and Windows OS
15 different versions of Linux and Windows for your projects. Custom OS inquiries are also possible.
Guaranteed uptime
Guaranteed uptime
Our server uptime is 99,9% and we are doing our best that it keeps being that way and even higher. Most of our infrastructure stays online for years!


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