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When do you need a Dedicated Server with CentOS?

Dedicated server is simply a powerful computer in a specific form factor which is, given by the name, ‘dedicated’ solely to you. No one can use the resources from this server because it is not like VPS or usual web hosting where resources are being shared between users. Dedicated server provides you with a lot of resources and flexibility, but the downside is usually the price. If you only starting your online business then you might think of something less powerful, like VPS and gradually shift to the dedicated server later. 

If you already know that you will grow quite fast, then we’re advising buying the dedicated server beforehand and when you start to rapidly grow the remaining free resources will help your website to remain online, regardless of the traffic load. 

Why do people tend to switch to dedicated servers apart from productivity boosts? First of all, it’s flexibility. The amount of stuff you can do when you are not being limited by the hoster is immense. You can get even to the kernel core and change it however you want. You are only limited by the server specs themselves. 

Coming up to CentOS. CentOS stands for Community ENTerprise Operating System. The reasons to choose it are quite a lot. First of all, it’s Secure from a capital S. Thanks to utilizing SELinux you can protect your server from intruders.

YUM or Yellowdog Updater Modifier is particularly useful when you need to keep your system updated. Not only does it make your system modular, where you can quickly add specific software but also you can configure it the way you want it.

CentOS is a very popular OS thanks to its stability and tons of documentation, which can help you to solve even the most complex problems and a friendly community will help you. 

The only thing worth mentioning is that CentOS has come to its End of Life period, meaning that it will stop receiving updates shortly, so keep it in mind.

Why you should rent CentOS dedicated server from BlueServers

Renting a server from us is beneficial because each of our servers comes with a 1 or 10 Gbit port and 100mbit is included by default. Should you quickly start expanding you always have space to do so. Our servers come in a variety of configurations and if you wish to order a custom server tailored to your specific tasks you can always contact our team with an inquiry. Not only you can choose the CPU or RAM or Storage but also a platform if you have a specific need to do so. If we talk about fault tolerance then we can arrange your disks in a RAID. Depending on your requirements it can be from 1 or 0 to 5 or 10 or even more complex ones. Our internet providers are Cogent, GTT and Lumen, meaning that your project will have a constant connection to the net. If you wish to order a server or to know more, contact our team via LiveChat.

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CentOS Dedicated Servers Features

SSD storage
SSD storage
Get your server with SSD equipped and be sure that your task will be done as fast as possible.
Multiple locations
Multiple locations
Each of our 6 locations allows you to become close to your target audience in Europe, America, or Asia.
Top-notch security
Top-notch security
We choose Tier 2 and 3 data centers exclusively to make sure that no one can get physical access to our server infrastructure.


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