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When do you need a Dedicated Server with Linux OS?

There are a few marks during your business journey when you might think of switching to a dedicated server.

  1. There are too many visitors and too much traffic on your website. Simple as it gets. Not every VPS can chew a few Gbits of data per second, that’s why you need to upgrade. Do you agree that it’s better to pay a little bit extra but worry not that your website goes down due to an overwhelmingly good marketing campaign?
  2. SEO rank. On typical shared hosting, you usually share your IP with various users of the hosting provider and you don’t know what those guys are even doing. Let’s imagine that they are partially sending spam, not because they are bad people, it’s just that they have not optimized their marketing campaigns properly. Your website would be affected as much as theirs, because Google thinks that you are a part of this company and lower your position as well.
  3. Sensitive data. Quite an obvious reason. Imagine you’re a healthcare startup and you need to obey HIPPA compliance if you work in the US. It says that your data needs to be stored on a separate server. How you can achieve this with shared hosting or VPS? You can’t. 

Why you should rent Linux dedicated server from BlueServers

Ordering a server from us comes with a lot of benefits including but not limited to:

  1. 1 and 10 Gbit ports.
  2. NVMe, HDD and SSD storage for a specific tasks.
  3. Server grade hardware.
  4. 5 locations to choose from including Sweden, Estonia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Netherlands.
  5. 24/7 English-speaking support
  6. Free IPv6
  7. An extensive amount of payment methods including crypto.

If you want to order a server you can do it via the website or connect with our team via LiveChat. Let’s work together! 

Reviews Linux Dedicated Servers

Linux Dedicated Servers Features

SSD storage
SSD storage
Get your server with SSD equipped and be sure that your task will be done as fast as possible.
Multiple locations
Multiple locations
Each of our 6 locations allows you to become close to your target audience in Europe, America, or Asia.
Unlimited software
Unlimited software
You are free to install almost any software you wish, but make sure to comply with our Terms of Use.


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