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When do you need a Dedicated Server with Windows Server 2012 OS?

Windows 2012 was created as the successor to the 2008 version. It was named after the year of the launch of this OS. The updated interface plus the expanded Windows PowerShell commands have gained quite popularity among system administrators all over the world. Starting with the 2012 version of Microsoft OS there was implemented the concept of Dynamic Access Control which helps to control access to various files and directories across the network. It allows creating different rules for data access to verify a user’s membership in different groups you have created in form of policies. Step up for security. Bear in mind though, that EOL for this OS comes in October 2023, so use it only if you’re running a legacy product. We recommend switching to more updated versions such as Windows Server 2019 OS. 

Why you should rent Windows Server 2012 dedicated server from BlueServers

Ordering a server from BlueServers is very easy and comes with a lot of benefits. First of all, our servers coming up with 1 and 10Gbit ports to ensure that even the most demanding projects can run smoothly, and such Tier 1 providers as Cogent, Lumen, and GTT will help with it. We build our network with multiple uplinks to ensure that the internet stays stable at any time of the day and year.

Partnership with such industry-leading companies as Dell, Supermicro, and HP helps us to deliver the best server solutions on the market, stable and sturdy capable to withstand the constant load.

Our servers are fully customizable and you can even order the one you would like with the specific configuration you have in mind. We can build anything you want. Expandable RAM and Storage with advanced RAIDs are also possible. 

You can offer servers based on Windows OS from the 5 locations we have right now: Estonia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Sweden.