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Why use a FreeBSD Dedicated Server?

FreeBSD is an open-source Unix OS developed by the Berkeley Software Distribution, that’s where BSD comes from by the way. Right now it’s losing its popularity but still remains the favorite for generations of administrations. It has a lot of advantages over usual Linux distros out there.

  1. Single repository. When you download certain repositories on different linux distributions you usually need to scrape everything from different sources e.g. kernel, drivers, etc. This is because it is always being developed separately. With FreeBSD, you most certainly download everything in one go, because that’s how it was being developed as a part of a project. 
  2. DTrace. Yes, you might say that Linux has it too, but saying that it can compete with FreeBSD is an understatement because our contestant has a lot more features built in. What does it do? It helps you to write scripts and gather real time statistics against the kernel with almost no overhead compared to other methods. 
  3. Port collection. Basically it is a blueprint book on how to build software for FreeBSD which was ported for it. A lot of this can be covered by Github but it still remains quite a useful tool. 

With FreeBSD, you’ll get a hint that you’re working with a professional and complete operating system that is built to last. Kernel and the base system is working separately from the software you install on it. While the base system configuration always going to /etc, all other third-party software configurations will use /usr/local/etc. Everything is very configurable and can be tuned by using the documentation.

If you wish to use the command script to control the automatic boot process you can use the rc utility. Not to mention that it is thoroughly documented.

If you are looking for OS to store data for a long period of time, nothing can beat FreeBSD with the ZFS file system. Here are its advantages of it:

  1. Indefinitely scaled datastore sizes with zero data loss. 
  2. The checksumming of all the data is done in a hierarchical way. This results in the immediate verification of the stored data on boot.
  3. Automatic backup and rollback in case of any data corruption.
  4. Native support for RAID.

Why you should rent FreeBSD dedicated server from BlueServers

Ordering a server from BlueServers comes with a lot of benefits including but not limited to full customizability of your server meaning that apart from what we are offering in stock you can order a server from our company and tell us what kind of server you want. Everything is customizable from RAM to CPU and amount of drives. If you have specific requirements for RAID we can also arrange it. 

Each of our servers is equipped with a 1Gbit or 10Gbit port to ensure that you always have space to expand in terms of bandwidth.

We offer servers based on AMD EPYC and Intel Xeon processors. No desktop solutions. As for the storage we use mainly Samsung and Toshiba. Our hardware vendors are SuperMicro, Dell, and HP.

Make sure to contact our team to discuss the best server option for you.

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FreeBSD Dedicated Servers Features

Multiple locations
Multiple locations
Each of our 6 locations allows you to become close to your target audience in Europe, America, or Asia.
Top-notch security
Top-notch security
We choose Tier 2 and 3 data centers exclusively to make sure that no one can get physical access to our server infrastructure.
Root Access
Root Access
Dedicated servers provide you with full access to your resources without any limitations except hardware ones. You are an independent unit in the data center.


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