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What is a dedicated server? It is basically a computer built in a specific form factor of a unit to be able to fit into a rack. A rack is simply a big cabinet which is storing those units with access to electricity and cooling. Being a unit in the rack allows it to be independent hardware that is not being affected by any neighbors. If you use VPS you can share the resources or if it is built on top of KVM virtulization you can share the bandwidth or speed of the whole VPS node. A dedicated server on the other hand allows you to utilize your full network speed potential. 

BlueServers is open to any custom inquries for building a dedicated server of your dream. Of course, if you won’t be satisfied with the servers that are currently available. Anything to boost your performance, like high-end CPUs, DDR4 ECC RAM, and storage solutions like RAID 10 or 5 built with SSD, HDD, or NVMe


When do you need a Dedicated Server with Windows OS?

Windows dedicated server is not so different from Linux, it is still solving the same tasks as its opponent - running a server. The difference is what kind of developer stack you running. If your project is built on top of ASP.NET then Windows Server 2012 is your choice. Windows 2016 or 2019 is also an option here, it’s just what suit you best. For example, if your project is based on top of Xamarin, a dedicated server with Windows OS is also a viable option. What you need to know. 

Many users out there stick to Windows Server just because they’ve been using Windows as their home OS and are being used to it. If you need to run a certain website then it can do a job regardless of the OS. Most of the time you will be working on your website rather than tweaking server properties. 

Windows 10 on the other hand may be useful for those who want to set up a remote desktop either for themselves or for the whole company. 

Why you should rent Windows dedicated servers from BlueServers

There are numerous reasons why you should try cheap dedicated Windows servers from BlueServers. First of all, we offer guaranteed unlimited bandwidth for your server with 1Gbps and 10 GBps ports! That’s quite a lot to handle especially if your project is only starting to grow. 

We built our servers on top of Enterprise grade hardware from Supermicro, Dell and HP, which in turn allow us to say that our servers are stable and fault tolerant. We do not tolerate any solutions based on Intel i7 or Ryzen chipsets. Those solutions cannot withstand constant load for a long time. 

For storage, we use all the market has to offer from enterprise HDDs made for storage purposes to blazing fast SSDs and NVMe disks. 

You can offer servers based on Windows OS from the 5 locations we have right now: Estonia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Cyprus, and Sweden.

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Windows dedicated server Features

RDP access
RDP access
Set up your own Windows dedicated server and use it as a virtual office.
Multiple locations
Multiple locations
Each of our 6 locations allows you to become close to your target audience in Europe, America, or Asia.


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